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Are You Interested In Becoming a Dealer Or Affiliate For The World's Best Flag Mount?

We Have An Opportunity As Unique As Our Flag Mounts!

Our Current Opportunities

We are always looking for ways to partner with people that are excited about our products as we are! We are currently looking to expand our distribution into more retail stores to be able to service our customers demand better. We are also looking for more influencers and affiliates to help spread brand awareness and drive traffic. If interested please read more below about our current opportunities!

Dealer/Affiliate Hybrid

How This Works

1. We Send You A Free Sign, No Initial Order Needed or Minimums

  • Sign up to be a dealer using the registration link below
  • After approved, log in to your account and go to the “X50 Retail Display” Product Under the “Free Sign” Tab
  • Configure sign with exactly how you want it displayed and check out, should be zero cost to you!
  • We will ship your sign with a store-specific QR Code with an affiliate link tied to your store!


  • Your affiliate link that is tied to the QR Code carries a 30 day cookie window. This means that if that customer comes back and decides to buy, or buy anything at all from our website (not just limited to motorcycle flag mounts, ie. car flag mounts, tractor flag mounts, truck flag mounts, etc.) you get credit for all of those purchases from that customer for 30 days.
  • For each sale from that display sign you get 12% store credit that can be used to purchase additional stock that can then be sold at virtually 100% profit in store.
  • This is a great way to test the market before placing an order for inventory!

**IMPORTANT** If You Do Not Want To Purchase Inventory Initially That Is Perfectly Fine! We Will Still Send You The Free Eye-Catching Sign. This Is A Great Way To “Try Before You Buy” To Test The Market. Simply Proceed To The Bottom And Fill Out The Registration Page. This Is Our No Cost Opportunity For Dealers As Our Way To Make This As Simple As Possible For You. We Are Not Going To Strong Arm You Into Purchasing A Large Initial Order Or Required Ridiculous Minimum Yearly Orders. No Hidden Fees, No Strings, We Just Ask To Send Us A Picture Of It Set Up In The Store, And If At Any Time You Do Not Wish To Continue To Please Send The Display And Flag Mount Back.

If You Would Like To Place An Order Right Away

Simplified SKUs

2 As stated above, no need to buy stock right away, but you can always do so if you would like. We have hundreds of flags and configurations on our website. We make all of our flags and products locally and/or in house which results in millions of SKUs. To simplify the process for dealers we have limited the available SKUs to carry in store to our most popular options that customers buy 83% of the time. Having those flag mounts available in store satisfy the “I NEED IT NOW” customer. Your store will also be listed on our website so people can see the quality before purchasing which will also drive more sales to your store.

Use Retail Sign For Customized Orders. No Minimums, No Headaches, Exactly What's Right For The Customer

3 Since our product is highly customizable sometimes customers will want something built specially for them. To satisfy this customer the customer can scan the QR Code on the free sign and configure the flag mount however they would like, and you still get credit for the sale. We handle the shipping directly to the customer, and also take care of any and all customer service to make this as headache free for you, the dealer as possible.

You Get Credit For All Products Purchased

4 As stated above, your affiliate link that is tied to the QR Code carries a 30 day cookie window. This means that if that customer comes back and decides to buy, or buy anything at all from our website (not just limited to motorcycle flag mounts, ie. car flag mounts, tractor flag mounts, truck flag mounts, etc.) you get credit for all of those purchases from that customer for 30 days.

Use Free Store Credit To Buy Inventory

5 For each sale from the display sign you get 12% store credit that can be used to purchase inventory (at dealer prices) that can then be sold at virtually 100% profit

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

I Don’t Want To Be A Dealer Yet But Am Willing To Give The Sign A Shot, Is That Possible?

Yes of course! The great thing about our Hybrid Affiliate model is it is virtually zero cost for you.  We provide the high quality display with a free display flag mount to help showcase our product quality and design. The purpose of having a display is to generate more brand awareness at a place our customers normally frequent: the dealership. If you don’t want to make the initial investment in stock and want to test it out before committing that is perfectly fine, we will still provide the free display, generate a store specific QR Code and affiliate link and get you started with no investment at all. Once the store credit starts coming in from those who scan the sign and purchase you can use that to purchase stock later if desired.

Why do you limit the SKUs that Dealers Can Carry?

With how customizable our flag mounts are the SKU possibilities are almost endless and can be quite overwhelming. After working with some dealers it was determined that it would simplify the process by having just the most popular configurations be the flag mounts available to dealers which also simplified the SKUs on the dealers side.

Why do I have to have a retail store to be a dealer?

By having a physical location it allows customers to be able to see the premium quality of our flag mounts before making a purchasing decision. Most customers are blown away by the quality in person.  We want our customers to be able to feel comfortable in their buying decision and some just need to see the product in person before purchasing.   

I don’t have the racking in the pictures, how else can it be displayed? 

We have designed this display to be displayed 3 different ways: 1. Over the top of the I-racks, 2. Displayed on a countertop, 3. Hung on Slatwall hooks using the holes on the top. No matter what setup your dealership has we can make a display work for you.

Are There Minimum Orders?

If you do decide you want to invest in some inventory we waive the minimum on the initial order we want to make the investment as painless as possible  and provide free shipping on that initial order. We recommend dealers to invest in the “Dealer Introductory Package” that has the base amount of different flag mounts, mounting brackets, and extra flags to get started.  On subsequent orders we have a $250 minimum order.

How Do I Get Paid Out From The Display Sign?

For every customer that scans the QR code and buys off of our website your affiliate link will capture the sale and credit it to you so we know where it came from.  Of the total of the sale you will receive 12% store credit which can then be used to purchase additional stock and can be sold in store at up to a 100% profit.

Do You Offer Any Introductory Deals For Dealers?

Yes we do! We offer an Introductory Dealer Package that can be found on the Motorcycle Flag Mounts shop page under Package Deals.  This package contains the base minimum of the different sized flag mounts, finishes, mounting bracket sizes, and extra flags to get going.

Do You Provide Two Sample Flag Mounts Or Just One?
 Even though the pictures show 2 flag mounts on the display we only provide one free one. The sign does have two holes just in case you would like to mount an additional one to create a better showcase of the different sizes available.

Click On The buttons below to get started

Examples of what Displays Look Like


Great way to use your influence or existing traffic to generate more sales!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is The Cookie Window Good For?

The cookie window for sales to be attributed to you in good for 30 days

Do You Offer Paid Promotions To Give a Good Review?

No we do not. We are willing to partner with brands and influencers but we will never pay someone to leave a good review. We want our customers to be honest with us if something needs improvement and also want them to be able to trust other people’s reviews before making a buying decision.

How Often Are Payouts Processed?

Payouts are processed after 30 days.

Is There A Minimum Before A Payout Gets Processed?

Yes, there must be a minimum of $50 attributed to your efforts before a payout will go out.

What Are Your Affiliate Commission Rates?

We offer a 10% commission rate 

Do I Have To Have A Certain Number of Followers To Be An Affiliate?

Yes we would prefer our affiliates to have a minimum of 5000 followers on Instagram, and/or 1000 subscribers on YouTube, or 10,000 monthly traffic on a blog site.

What Social Media Platforms Do You Prefer To Be Promoted On?

Instagram, YouTube, Pintrest, or a blog site with adequate traffic.

Is There A Minimum Amount Of Promotion That You Expect From An Affiliate?

We would prefer that our affiliates make an adequate effort to promote our products since when they do, everyone wins.  We would expect our affiliates to make at least 2 posts, mentions, or provide links in videos/descriptions per month.

Do You Offer Any Advertising Partnerships/Opportunities?

Yes of course! Please send us an email or a contact inquiry to get the process started!

Do You Screen Potential Videos and Posts Affiliates Will Make on your product?

Yes we would prefer to screen things our affiliates post or videos they make ahead of time if possible.  This is mainly to make sure everything is factually accurate and not misleading in one way or another, and that our brand is not being associated with something we don’t agree with. We want our affiliates to be as honest as possible and will support their efforts in product knowledge and understanding to be able to adequately be able to explain our products to their audience.

About Our Products

Proudly Made In The USA

Each of our flag mounts is proudly made in the USA and is handled personally by our facility. This allows us to monitor the process from start to finish to ensure we live up to our American Made Quality expectations. After all, no American Flag should be made overseas!

Completely Customizable

Our Flag Mounts are completely customizable; from flag size, finish, mounting bracket options and over 200+ flags to choose from the combination possibilities are endless! This allows your customers to create a flag mount made unique to them with a few clicks!

X50 motorcycle flag mount kit

#1 Flag Mount in the World

We have industry leading customer service, customer satisfaction and the most unique flag mount design in the world. With thousands of happy customers and hundreds of 5 star reviews our Flag Mounts remain the best flag mounts you can buy, period.

A Little Bit About Us

Father-Son Family Business since 2010

We are a family based business that believes in the American Dream. Founded in April of 2010 we have built our business around providing high quality products and truly exceptional customer service. We believe in constant improvement, never wanting to be content with the "status quo", and strive to continually enhancing our products and service. Our extremely high standards drive our commitment to quality and innovation, never overlooking improvements or looking to take shortcuts. We also believe that true innovation derives from listening to our customers and taking their needs and suggestions into consideration when developing our products.

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Motorcycle Flag Mount with 8x11 American Flag

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