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Build The World's Best Motorcycle Flag Mount, Made Unique to You

  1.  Choose Your Desired Flag & Mount Size
    (11.5″x15″ is Most Popular Flag Size)
  2. Choose Your Desired Flag Mount Finish
    (High Gloss Black  New Hot Option)
  3. Choose Your Flag From 100s of Flag Options
    (US & POW/MIA Most Popular)
  4. Choose Your Desired Flag Mount Topper
    (Eagle Topper Most Popular)
  5. Choose the Mounting Bracket Option That Fits Your Luggage Rack
    (0.50″ Round Most Common, but make sure to measure before ordering)
Motorcycle Flag Mounts With 11.5x15" Flags
Motorcycle Flag Mounts With 8x11" Flags
Motorcycle Flag Mounts With 2-Flags
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a motorcycle flag mount that is Brag Worthy

So you decided to put a flag on your Harley, Indian, or Honda motorcycle so you start by searching through J&P Cycles, Dennis Kirk, and ProPad. All the flag mounts seem nice but nothing catches your eye; you want something bigger. You want to fly a bigger flag but last time you checked you can’t fly a bigger flag on a small pole, and just like your riding buddy who has a flag mount who constantly says size doesn’t matter, is only saying that because he has a small pole. Well if length is the goal then we got the pole for you. Our motorcycle flag mounts stand above the competition… literally. At 18 inches in length these motorcycle flag mounts can easily hold a 11.5″x15″ flag without being too big and having length that isn’t being used (Even though I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want that problem).

These motorcycle flag mounts are our most popular size and will easily mount to your Harley luggage rack or hard baggers, or your Indian or Honda luggage rack. Each motorcycle flag mount kit comes with a high sheen, vibrant flag, a mounting bracket that will not loosen up, and a flag mount that helps preserve the life of your flags backed up by science and a patent. Needless to say we know our poles really well. 

In addition to having a bragging-rights worthy pole you receive unmatched customer service, superior quality, and a lifetime guarantee. If you ever are not happy with your pole performance we will make it right, no matter what. Top that off with each motorcycle flag mount being made in the USA by a family based business there’s no reason why your pole won’t have all your friends looking at you with envy whenever you go riding together.

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Motorcycle Flag Mount with 8x11 American Flag

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