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Golf Cart Flag Mounts

x50 Golf Cart Flag Mount product features

#1 Premium Golf Cart Flag Mount on Market

The X50 Golf Cart Flag Mount is the most premium flag mount on the market and is designed and engineered for ease of use, high quality aesthetics, and durability.  Each flag mount is made with you in mind, and will greatly enhance the look of any golf cart.

Ultra-Tight Mounting Bracket + No Cheap Zip Ties = Your Mount Is Secure

Our mounting bracket is designed to keep your flag mount secure, no matter what.  The mounting bracket will clamp to either a 1″ or 1.25″ square frame upright and has thin foam padding to ensure it won’t damage your frame and will stay in place.  The flag mount then bolts to the mounting bracket which keeps it secure and prevents anyone from quickly coming by and stealing your flag mount. Zip ties are easy to break and replace, bolts are harder to steal.

Flag Mount Made From High Quality Aluminum, Not Cheap Plastic

Your golf cart flag mount should be durable and sturdy, not flimsy and cheap. Fly your flag proudly! You don’t skimp when it comes to your golf cart, so why waste money on a flag mount that doesn’t match the quality of your golf cart? 

Each golf cart flag mount is made from extruded aerospace grade aluminum, then either chromed to a mirror finish or powder coated to the color of your choice.  One thing is for sure, you will love the way your new flag mount looks on your golf cart.

Wide Variety of Vibrant, High Quality Flags

Our flags are made with the highest quality polyester fabric and are colored using dye-sublimation which “dyes” the fabric. This process leaves you with vibrant colors and crisp images. With hundreds of designs available why stop at just one flag? 

Don’t see the design your looking for? Give us a call! We make our flags in house and are able to offer custom flags as well.

Easy to Mount on Your Golf Cart

Mounting your new golf cart flag mount is as easy as 1, 2, 3! It only takes 3 bolts/screws to mount your new flag mount, but don’t worry, it goes on quick but will stay tight and right where you want it! Flags are quick and easy to change, making this Golf Cart Flag Mount a no-brainer!

Quick Mounting Option Available

Want to be able to quickly take the flag mount off your golf cart? We have a quick mounting option available that makes putting on and taking off the flag pole a breeze. This is perfect for golf courses that need to put a handicap flag on or someone that wants to fly their flag only on special occasions!

Perfect For Golf Outings & Golf Courses

Our Golf Cart Flag Mount system is the perfect addition to any golf course.  With the ease of use and ability to change flags quickly and easily it’s a simple solution for your handicap patrons. 

Also did we mention that we make custom flags, too? This opens the door to be able to offer custom outing flags as part of your outing package, which allows you to offer advertising space on each flag which also offering a unique souvenir to everyone at the outing: their own personalized flag! Give us a call to inquire.

Attention-Grabbing Toppers

Your one-of-a-kind golf cart flag mount is made that much more special with a topper that finishes off your mount.  Whether it be a brass or nickel eagle or ball topper it is sure to get attention! The topper also secures the flag which makes it nearly impossible for someone to steal your flag from your golf cart.

Handmade in USA

Each X50 Golf Cart Flag Mount & flag is handmade by a small family business in Wausau, WI with quality USA made materials. We take great pride in the American-Made quality of each flag mount, and have rigorous quality control standards to ensure that each flag mount that leaves our facility is of the utmost highest quality.

Golf Cart Flag Mount Dimensions & Specs

18" Golf Cart Flag Mount With 11.5"x15" Flag
14" X50 Golf Cart Flag Mount with 11.5x15" Flag
18" Golf Cart Flag Mount with 8"x11" & 6"x8" Flag
11" X50 Golf Cart Flag Mount with 8x11" Flag

Want Your Golf Cart Flag Mount to Be Extra Special? Custom Flags Available!

Perfect For Golf Outings & Golf Courses

Offer Your Outings Something Unique: Custom Flags Specific to Them

  • We offer custom flag packages for any golf outing.  Given an adequate lead time, we can personalize each flag to include each outing participant’s name and other accolades you may wish to include.
  • Each flag can be designed to include your course logo (with given permission), which enhances brand recognition and puts a positive image to your course, potentially leading to increase traffic.

Custom Outing & Golf Course Flags Basically Pay For Themselves

  • With the ability of offering custom outing flags to your patrons you have the ability to offer advertising space to local businesses on each flag. Depending on the amount of outings you have each year the possibilities are endless to increase revenue to either the course or to your cause. 
  • Don’t have an outing scheduled? Fly a flag each day with the golf course logo instead! This is great to show what specials are being offered in the clubhouse, restaurant & bar, or by local businesses. Another great way to offer advertising opportunities!

Perfect For Personalized Gifts and Personal Use

Offer That Special Someone Something Truly Special: A Custom Flag

  • Custom flags are a great way to show the world what you are passionate about or what you take pride in. 
  • The X50 Golf Cart Flag Mount makes it easy to showcase your passion in an easy, tasteful way, without looking tacky or cheap
  • Flags are made in house, which allows us to have control of the design process and take great pride of the quality of each custom flag

  • Have multiple things that you are proud of? Why not get two X50 Golf Cart Flag mounts and proudly display those passions.  
  • Want to stick with just one golf cart flag mount but want to have more than one flag? The X50 Golf Cart Flag Mount is perfect for that. Because of the unique design it makes changing flags quick and easy!
  • Perfect for Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Veteran’s Day or as a “just because” gift!
  • Proudly made in the USA

What else makes us unique

We Offer Golf Course Packages / Group Discounts

Interested in purchasing golf cart flag mounts for your golf course? Well you’re in luck because we offer package discounts!  We will even turn your logo into a custom flag for free! Call us or email us at gr****@x5***********.com to learn more!

Custom Flags With No Setup Charges

We offer custom flags with no setup charges or minimum orders. Already have it designed? Great! Still need to design it? We have a custom flag designer right on our website. Not an artist? That’s OK, if it’s not up to our standards or yours we can help you get it just right.

We Offer Military/Service Discounts

Are you active duty or a veteran of the military, police force, firefighter, sheriff, or EMT? Did you retire from any of the above? If yes then give us a call! We offer special discounts for those who have served our great country.

Outstanding Customer Service Built on Relationships

Your Feedback is Valued and Helps Drive our Innovation

In this day and age if you’re not constantly getting better, you’re getting worse.  There is no status quo anymore.  We strive to be the best flag mounts on the market but can’t do that alone, it takes help from our customers which is why we always encourage and value feedback. Many of our innovations have come from that feedback from our customers and their suggestions. Nothing is ever perfect, and things may sometimes go wrong, but your feedback helps us find solutions to those issues and help our flag mounts evolve. All feedback, big or small is welcomed and appreciated and most of all will be listened to.

18" Golf Cart Flag Mount with 11.5x15" Flag

So Why Buy From X50 Flag Mounts?

  • Great way to show your American pride
  • Outstanding Customer Service, if you EVER have a problem let us know and we will take care of it
  • Quality Craftsmanship, Handmade in USA. You’ll be Amazed by the Quality!
  • Highest Quality Flags With Most Vibrant Colors on the Market
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, We Strive for 5 Stars!
Vietnam Veteran Flag

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

Randy Pliska
Verified Buyer
Read More
I just want to say that this product is amazing. Gene and Ron continue to strive to make the best flag mounts available. They listen to the people that use them, their customers. If there is a need for improvement, they do it. Gene changed out my old style mounts with their new revised mounts and I couldn't be happier with them All at NO charge. There is no such thing as good enough with these guys. They are perfectionists, and it shows with their product. Thank you Eugene (Gene), and Ron.
Glenn W.
Verified Buyer
Read More
Excellent product like no other available through many hours of research on the internet. Save yourself some time and go with the best…X50!
Delore K.
Verified Buyer
Read More
I’ve received all three of my orders back in August. I had excellent service plus I sent pictures of my rack and they helped customize one of the flag mounting brackets to fit, match and line up with the other two.
Charles C.
Verified Buyer
Read More
I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. If you are looking for the best the X50 Flags should be the only pick!
Read More
Flag and mount are excellent quality. I own an Indian and my previous Harley flag mount used to rotate on my luggage rack and I was replacing worn out flags at least once a year (approximately 10,000 miles). I ordered the X-50 (for Indian) and it fits nice and tight on my luggage rack. I only have around 500 miles on it, so I'll have to wait to see how long it lasts. However; it looks like it should last much longer than what I've been experiencing.
Kenny S.
Verified Buyer
Read More
Very easy to work with, excellent quality product and fast shipping. Will definitely do buy again
Dan H.
Verified Buyer
Read More
Awesome mount and flag great company
George S.
Verified Buyer
Read More
I am so pleased with the flags and have highly recommend to others who have ordered
Tina S.
Verified Buyer
Read More
I ordered a single flag last year. The luggage rack on the bike that the flag was mounted to broke and I lost the flag this happened a little over week before memorial day and my daughter and I were set to be in parades. I got a luggage rack to mount the flags to however, the bars were square. they vollenteered to machine the bracket out to the square size I needed. When they did not get the set in the mail soon enough for me to get them Eugene personally delivered and installed the flags. The flags held up and stayed tight until riding on the freeway to Milwaukee. If you take your bike on the interstate I suggest using lock tight to keep them tight. Flags are excellent quality and customer service is great.
Steve M.
Verified Buyer
Read More
The shipping was fast, the mounts were well packaged and they look GREAT on my bike. All i can really say is Quality, Quality, Quality.
Jerry L.
Verified Buyer
Read More
Product arrived when expected. The hardware and flags are excellent quality. The hardware is aluminum, hand polished, no sharp edges or corners. You can tell that the hardware has been finished by hand with excellent attention to detail. I highly recommend this product.
Jeffrey P.
Verified Buyer
Read More
I just installed the X 50 flag mount on my 2018 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited peace officer edition. Easy installation and the looks and quality are incredible. I would highly recommend this mount to anyone. I looked at a lot of different flag mount options, but this one is far superior to all the other ones I looked at. It’s definitely worth the money. Thanks Gene for your help. Ride safe.
Robert C.
Verified Buyer
Read More
This product is the best motorcycle flag I everyowned. The service was excellent.
Donald S.
Verified Buyer
Read More
Best mount, best flag protection, best quality workmanship of any flag mount I’ve had in over 50 years of riding. Wish I had this product 35 years ago, it would have saved me money on bad mounts and cheap flags. Best of all it is made in the USA.
Byron W.
Verified Buyer
Read More
I might say your Blog statement is very correct. I want to thank you for such a wonderful product, well constructed, looks wonderful and most of all "Made in the USA".. I truly love these mounts. You did a great job on the custom flag. I will be using the flags this weekend for the Annual Memorial Day Flags over the Dam motorcycle run in Las Vegas. They fit perfectly on the saddlebags.
The Garcia Family
Verified Buyer
Read More
X50 Flag Mounts ROCK! First of all, we want to thank the owner and his son for there AWESOME service and absolutely fantastic product. These flag mounts are hands down the best that money can buy. Gene, thank you so much for the beautiful eagle topper and replacement flag base – you guys are THE BEST. Not only are your products top notch, but your service and commitment to customer service and satisfaction are unmatched. My family loves our flag mount. We’re still using the first flag that came with the mount and it still has virtually no wear on the flag seams – and we purchased it in July 2014!! There is no doubt that we would have replaced any other flag mount many times over – so not only does the X50 Flag Mount look spectacular, but it will save you money in the long run FOR SURE. I cannot recommend this product more and have nothing but love for Gene and his son’s business. Keep up the great work and God Bless you guys!!
Robert West
Verified Buyer
Read More
I have traveled over 80,000 miles with these flag mounts and flags from X50 Flag Mounts, and do not have complaint one. Once the mounts and pole are properly installed, they are basically maintenance free and DO NOT move. The mounts for the flag posts are offset which does not hinder your attachment of luggage to your tour pack rack giving you 100% usability. All of the X50 flags, stock and custom, are printed “in-house” using quality material and stitching so that quality is assured. I did have one problem with a flag that prematurely began to unravel and X50 Flag Mounts replaced it without hesitation or question. I have no reservations or hesitation about recommending X50 Flags which I have done and will continue to do so. Cheers, Bob
Johan E.
Verified Buyer
Read More
Wery fast from order to delivery! Super high quality, 5 stars from me in Sweden!
Jesus Z.
Verified Buyer
Read More
The quality of the flags and the flag mounts are superb. X-50 mounts far exceed the quality of other similar products I have purchased. I finally found a high quality flag and mount in the X-50 mount and it fits perfectly on my Harley. I had a few telephone conversations with Eugene prior to placing my order. Eugene’s customer service was excellent. Thanks Eugene for making such a quality product and for your excellent service!
Gerald P.
Verified Buyer
Read More
The flags and mounts I received have exceeded my expectations. No matter where I go I receive compliments on the set up. I wish I had found the site sooner. Great people to work with and no hassles. Thanks for a terrific product. Gerald "Capper" Paider
Roger C.
Verified Buyer
Read More
I've wanted to mount an American Flag on my Ultra Limited for awhile now but was unable to find one that would hold up for any length of time being buffeted about by the wind. After all my research I came across this flag and the pole mounting and was quite impressed by the website's display of the flag and it's mounting system. I ordered it, mounted it on my Ultra Limited and I must say the flag and it's mounting system does honor to our flag. It is quite majestic in appearance and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to display an American Flag on his motorcycle.
Patrick T.
Verified Buyer
Read More
You ask me what I think about X-50 flags and mounts. Once you buy their flags and mounts, they practically last a lifetime, so you don’t have to think about them again. I have 3000 miles on mine and they are like brand new. Money well spent. Thanks X-50.
Mike E.
Verified Buyer
Read More
These flag mounts are top notch Order two last week for a trip to Smokey mountains so far they are holding up to 80mph interstates flying true! Beautiful flags!!!

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Motorcycle Flag Mount with 8x11 American Flag

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