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Motorcycle Flag Mounts

X50 Motorcycle Flag Mounts are the only flag mounts for motorcycles that are designed to fly 11.5 " x 15" flags at hi-way speeds. All the other flag mounts on the market call the larger flags "parade flags" and have a warning that you should not go over 45 mph.

Now you can fly larger flags on your bike without that annoying flapping sound and your flags wearing out. We have had customers that have over 160,000 miles on their flags and they still look great.

So you are probably wondering how we make the flags last so long. We were frustrated customers like you that decided to design a flag mount that controls the airflow around the flag. This design is great for you the customer because you won't be constantly buying new flags.

How the wing design works to save your flags from wearing out


  1. The Wings deflect air around the flag, thus preventing and prolonging flag life by reducing the whip of the flag.
  2. The slots regulate air flow to the flag, providing just enough air to ensure the flag flies perfectly at all speeds.


  • Your flags will last 30,000 miles (or more) in clean airflow at highway speeds. If not in direct airflow they could upwards of 50,000+ miles.
  • The flags will fly quietly as if they were not even there

X50 Flag Mounts are the only flag mounts designed to be flown on any vehicle at highway speeds

160,000 Miles and Still looking great!

Dave is our first customer for the motorcycle flag mounts. He came into our office one day wanting flags that last longer. He heard our flags last incredibly long. I told him it wasn't the flags it was the flag mount.

We decided to put three flag mounts on his bike to see how they would hold up. And then the calls started coming in for the flag mount with wings. Dave was totally amazed how his flags never seemed to wear out, he was normally going through five flags a year.

We didn't see Dave for several years and when he came back to sell us a raffle ticket we asked how many miles he had on the flags. His answer totally made our jaws drop. He said the was on his third trike and had a 160,000 miles on the original flags. So if you want your flags to last a long time get yourself a X50 flag mount!

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