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Multi-Use Mounting Bracket (Fits from 5/8″-1.25″ Round, Perfect for Trucks & Tractors)

Multi-Use Mounting Bracket

  • Fits any tubing dimension from 5/8″ to 1.25″ Round
  • Radiused Slots allow you to make sure mount is level, no matter if the tubing is slightly angled
  • Design allows you to tighten mounting bracket with only one 7/16″ wrench, making for easier install
  • Stays tight on a variety of vehicles
  • Can use on either a horizontal bar or vertical bar
  • Is used as standard mounting brackets on our Semi-Truck Mount and also our Tractor/Combine Mount
  • Very durable and easy to mount
  • Made in USA


Multi-Use Mounting Bracket

The Multi-Use Mounting Bracket is a perfect solution for mounting a flag mount on tubing that our normal mounting brackets are unable to mount to.  This includes vertical applications as well as tubing that ranges between 5/8″ to 1.25″ Round tubing.  The Bracket is 3″ long x 2″ wide (the top “L”). 

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