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American Flag


Because of our patented design our flags simply will not fit any other flag mounts because it slides down inside of the pole instead of around the pole. Due to supply chain issues it forced us to design our own endcap which is extruded out of rubber and is specially designed for our pole design. For this reason we do not make flags for any other flag mounts, and simply can’t because of the design. Flag orders placed with the intention of mounting on a different brand of pole may or may not be refunded. Thank you for your understanding. Click Here to See Our Flag Mounts 

Premium American Flag For X50 Flag Mounts

These beautiful American flags are made from heavy weight high sheen polyester material for exceptionally vibrant colors and sewn with #92 thread for extreme durability. When using our X50 flag mount your flags will last over 50 times longer than other flags. See our flag mounts here.
  • Made from high sheen polyester material for vibrant colors
  • Sewn with Solar Guard #92 thread for durability.
  • Made in USA

X50 Flag Mount Seprately

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
George Rayl. (Yukon, OK, US)

Mounted it so it would lay down going across the tour pa l

Alan Morris (Lewisburg, WV, US)
New Flags & the foldable mount

WE have been running the X50 Flags for the last three years and finally had to get new flags for our poles. Our biggest issue was trying to cover the trike at a hotel overnight due to the flags keeping the cover up. Gene and his son came up with a foldable mount that now allows our flags to lay down on the luggage rack at nights and now allowing our trike cover to fit normally. We are very happy with our flags, mounts and now the new foldable hinge.

Bob Royer (Lexington, SC, US)
Flags and flag poles with eagles for my motorcycle

Gene was very fast to get my order out both times.l have put over 3500 miles so far an d speeds up to 85 mph and the flags still look like I just put them on. I wasn’t sure about there claims about the flags lasting so long now I do believe them 100% I will definitely will buy again and again from F 50 flags fantastic products

Bret Haynes (Pahrump, NV, US)
Best Flags & Flag Mounts Around.

As a Marine Veteran, I prefer to fly the larger flags on my motorcycle. I have tried several manufacturers which promise extreme durability and have always been dissatisfied with them as they will not withstand highway speeds, especially when you look at the cost for the flags & mounts. That is until I found X50 Flag Mounts and Flags. I have gotten over 55K miles out of my first set of Flags and am getting my second set of flags for Christmas. The Flag Mounts are still going strong and I am also adding a couple more mounts and flags to my bike. I am really glad I found X50 to help show off my patriotism.

Gary Gamble (Redford, MI, US)
Recent reorder

Original purchase held up great after a few years and several thousand miles of riding. The colors were fading and not as sharp and it was time for a bright fresh one just in time for Independance Day!

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Motorcycle Flag Mount with 8x11 American Flag

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