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Fire Truck Flag Mount with US 11.5×15 Flag





Price includes US Flag and Premium Flag Mount With Mounting Bracket.

  • Flags last 50 to 200 times longer.
  • NO annoying flapping sound!
  • Made from polished aluminum.
  • Easy to change flags.
  • Fly 1 or 2 flags.

Fire Truck Flag Mount With 1 – Flag

Fire fighters are a special breed and have a certain love for their equipment. Every since 911 Fire departments have been putting flags on their fire trucks. With the X50 Fire Truck flag mount you can proudly fly Old Glory on your fire trucks. Imagine your firetrucks with this exquisite hand polished flag mount rushing to the scene with and the US flag gently waving in the breeze as you drive 60 mph rushing to the fire. Most flags would deteriorate in a very short time, but withe the X50 Fire Truck Flag Mount your flags will last over 50 times longer.

Everyone here at X50 flag mounts would like to thank all of our brave Fire Fighters for their service.

  • Made from 6061-T6 aluminum  Extremely strong
  • Polished to a chrome like finish – Adds that finishing touch to your equipment
  • Has patent pending wing design – Wings divert the air flow so flags last 50 times longer.
  • Solid brass eagle topper – Adds that extra touch of class

All X50 Flag Mounts are Proudly Made In The USA.

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