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160,000 miles on 12×15 Motorcycle flags?!? Flags Outlast TWO bikes?!

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Dave goes through 5 flags a year

Trike with Flag Mounts
Dave’s trike after install

This is one of our first customers that ever bought our mounts. His name is Dave. He came in to our shop quite a few years ago looking for flags after hearing our flags are really tough. “It’s not the flags, but the flag mount that preserves flags” my dad (Gene) stated as Dave stood in our shop. Dave was going through 5 flags a season before finding his X50 Motorcycle Flag Mount. All Dave does is ride, and when the snow flies he rides down to AZ or TX. So when we told him he could easily get 30,000 miles or more out of his motorcycle flags he was willing to try them out.

We didn’t see dave for several years

After installing Dave’s flags we didn’t hear from him for a quite some time, until one day he stopped down at our office randomly. My dad was astounded when he saw his American Flag when Dave said he had 30,000 miles on it. My dad insisted on giving him a new one and keeping his because the flag still looked brand new and we wanted to use it for promotional material and pictures. Dave wasn’t too happy about that because he really wanted to see how long these flags would last.

Dave finally shows up

Needless to say, we haven’t seen Dave since… Until yesterday. Dave and his riding buddy stopped in to promote a raffle for the American Legion Riders Association and the Wreaths Across America. His buddy rides a Goldwing and was interested in a motorcycle flag mount for his flat rack which we are currently developing. After agreeing to purchase some tickets I started asking him how he’s liking his flags. His answer astounded me…

Motorcycle flag with 160,000 mile on it.
Dave showing flags with 160,000 miles on them.
Custom Motorcycle Flag with 160,000 miles on it

The pictures you see are pictures of his actual motorcycle flags. Yes, they are dirty and the two smaller ones are slightly faded. But besides the US Flag that my dad took from him he has never replaced his motorcycle flags… EVER!

We couldn’t BELIEVE it!

Dave then told me that he had just about 160,000 miles on his motorcycle flags… My jaw just about hit the pavement! Even I couldn’t believe it! He’s gone through two MCs before his flags have worn out!

So at the risk of being punched I asked Dave if I could take some pictures and assured him that I wouldn’t take his flags. He chuckled and agreed to do so.

This is what the X50 Flag Mount is all about. It is made to preserve flags to help SAVE YOU MONEY! And my dad’s saying to Dave a few years back, “It’s not the flags, it’s the mount” has never been more true.

Want your flags to outlast your bike (Or two!)? Be like Dave, experience the X50 difference and get yours today! (Not to mention the best darn customer service you’ll ever receive and 100% Made in the USA, right in Wausau, WI)

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