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The Best Motorcycle Flags For Highway Use

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Are there any flags made for Highway use?

This is a problem for everyone who wants a flag on their car, truck, or motorcycle. The fact of the matter is NO! No one makes a flag that can withstand the constant flapping in the wind at higher speeds.

Many companies make tiny 6×9 inch flags for motorcycles, that are designed to be in the vacuum space behind the rider. But if you want a larger flag, it will have a disclaimer. The disclaimer will say, “for parade use only,” do not exceed 45 mph. How many riders will fly their flags only when under 45 mph?

The only motorcycle flags for highway use

When our first motorcycle flag customer came in over ten years ago, he said, I hear you make really tough flags! We said it’s not the flag; it’s the flag mount. To preserve the flag’s life, you have to control the flow of the air around it to keep it from whipping hard at highway speeds.

Ron explains how the flag mount works.

X50 flag mounts have a patented design for flag mounts that controls the airflow around the flag to preserve the life of the flag. It does this by forcing most of the airflow around the flag, but letting a small amount of air through so the flag flys perfectly.

Motorcycle Flags For Highway Use

ORIGINALLY designed for cars and trucks

X50 flag mounts were developed by a truck driver that wanted to fly a flag on his semi-truck. He put a flag on his truck, and within 500 miles, he had half a flag, ouch! He then went to work finding a way to preserve the life of the flag. He found that when he passed the flag behind the mirror, the flag quit flying so hard. That is how the x50 flag mount was developed. After a lot of trial and error, we now have a flag mount that is truly made to be flown at highway speeds.

From Trucks to motorcycle flag mounts

X50 motorcycle flag mounts came a few years later when someone “Dave” was going through 5 flags a year on his three-wheeler. We made some mounting brackets and put three on his bike. The next thing we knew, everyone wanted the flag mount with wings. We then focused more on the motorcycle flag mounts. We found that those who ride motorcycles are mostly veterans and profoundly love our country, and they are the people that what to fly larger flags on their motorcycles.

How much longer will the flags last

On semi-trucks, the flags will typically last between 30,000 and 50,000 miles. This is with the flag flying in every condition imaginable. On a motorcycle, the rider also protects the flags, so airflow is less. Many of our customers fly the 11.5×15 flags known to last over 160,000 miles. In most cases, the flags will be replaced because of fading and dirt and not because the flag has any wear.

The bottom line

There is no flag alone that is made to withstand highway speeds. Some companies say their flags are made for highway speeds because they are double or triple-stitched. The truth is that their flags are 6×9 and hidden from the wind by the rider. The only way to fly a flag at 70 or 80-mph speeds is to get an X50 Flag Mount for your motorcycle. When used on our mount, we also guarantee your motorcycle flag for a year.

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